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76ers down the nets in Game 2 after Doc Rivers timeout

Philadelphia – Took a full 61 seconds in the 3rd quarter on a Monday night philadelphia 76ers Coach Doc Rivers to decide he had seen enough.

After seeing his team fail to run a play properly, he came off the halftime break—following a disappointing overall performance in the first half of Game 2 of their first-round series. Brooklyn Nets – Rivers tells his players how he felt.

“Cursing Us,” Tara james harden When asked what Rivers said in that crowd, he said plaintively, followed by laughter. “That’s all. Just cursing at us.

“The first possession, we didn’t run a play that he pulled, for whatever reason. But we fixed it.”

Harden was right – the 76ers looked like a different team entirely when they left that huddle, outscoring the Nets 24-12 in the final 11 minutes of the third quarter to take the lead for good. tyreese maxi scored 33 points and joel embied Dominated with 20 points, 19 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 blocks as the 76ers claimed a 96-84 win and a 2-0 lead as the series shifted to Brooklyn for Game 3 on Thursday.

Rivers said, “I thought we ruined the whole first half.” “Literally just running random [stuff]Don’t trust our set.

“The first play, we didn’t run it. So I thought we needed to talk about it. And, you know, give them credit. From that point on, I thought our execution was incredible.”

For the rest of the third quarter, the 76ers wore down the Nets. Brooklyn successfully executed their game plan overall, getting 42 3-point attempts—Jack Vaughn said pregame that he expected his Nets to shoot at least 40—and closing possessions by forcing Philadelphia to 19 turnovers. managed to play the game of Those 22 became Brooklyn Points.

But as the third quarter progressed, those double teams on Embiid stopped forcing turnovers and instead forced Brooklyn to make one wide-open shot after another. And while Philadelphia began wearing them down, hitting four of the team’s 11 3-pointers on the night in that quarter alone, the 76ers also suppressed Brooklyn’s offense on the other end of the court, holding the Nets 6-for-6. Stopped 18 shooting as Philadelphia took a lead it would never relinquish.

“We got the guys to the right place,” Rivers said. “Joel was patient. James was patient. We moved the ball, we got every shot we wanted.

“That was a tough game, because in the first half we were outplayed ourselves. I thought we were forcing it. We were trying, not selfishly, but we’d rather let all of us score than give you an answer.” are trying.” with your net. Trust your stuff, trust your distance, move the ball and the right guys are going to end up with the ball.

“And if we do it enough, eventually, Joel, you’re going to be one-on-one, and then you’re going to dominate the game. And I thought we did that in the second half.”

There couldn’t be a bigger mismatch for Embiid going up against Brooklyn’s undersized frontline in these playoffs, and it showed in this game as well. The Nets kept doubling Embiid until they began to fall apart in the third quarter. Eventually, this forced him to go into single coverage, and Embiid responded by repeatedly bulldozing his way to the rim.

Afterwards, Embiid said he was happy to see his teammates hit shot after shot, and said that if teams continue to attack him like the Nets did, the two-time NBA scoring leader will continue to operate.

“I think that’s probably why I get double- and triple-teamed,” Embiid said. “A lot of people think I enjoy scoring basketball. Which I don’t think is true. I enjoy winning and do whatever it takes to win.

“Some nights, I can shoot a lot and score a lot. Some nights, I’m going to double-team and make passes, but I believe in playing the right way. That includes your teammates.” doing double, triple teams, making sure everybody’s touching the ball, looking at the ball. That’s what I believe in, and it’s fun to play like that. Everybody’s happy. No matter what I have four points as long as we score and the guys are doing their jobs, creating shots and making shots. That makes me happy.”

After Game 1, Vaughn urged the referees to call more traveling and defensive 3-second calls on Embiid, and he made at least one of those calls on Embiid on drives against center. Nick Claxton in the second half. Embiid took aim at Vaughn after the game, comparing him to Raptors coach Nick Nurse, Embiid’s two-time playoff opponent, but said that ultimately what changed the game in the second half was Philadelphia. Sticking together through their early struggles.

“The last time I saw after the game, he had a Nick Nurse-like approach of begging for free throws and calling for the ref,” Embiid said. “They came out and got a lot of calls, which I think bodes well for them.

“But I think we didn’t play our best basketball. But what happened in the second half was we figured out what worked and we kept doing it over and over again. You know, they worked on their game plan. Standing.” , He didn’t make any adjustments and you know, and we just figured it out and just kept playing together.”

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