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Atlanta guard Trey Young voted most overrated player in the league by NBA athletes – Basketball Insiders

The Athletic recently released a series of surveys asking NBA players anonymously on a variety of topics, and one of the most controversial is who the league’s most over-rated player is. According to reporters Sam Amick and Josh Robbins, Hawks point guard Trae Young received the most individual votes, after participating 54 overall.

Even though he only received a 14.8% vote share, 24-year-old Julian Randall of Atlanta still more than doubled New York’s Julian Randall, who came in second with 7.4%. It is important to mention that the highest number of votes went to the “other” option with 31.5%.

The Atlanta star is still young and has seen many ups and downs in his short career. In 2021, he received much of the credit for his team’s run to the Eastern Conference Finals, but the Hawks have lost their momentum, and have struggled through the turnaround over the past two seasons.

Even though Young is helping the Georgia franchise improve this second half of the season, it still needs to overcome the Boston Celtics in the current conference playoffs to dispel this bad perception around the league, and that To prove that he can overcome even the best teams.

The Knicks’ Julius Randle and Pascal Siakam from the Raptors were tied for second on the list of highest rated players, both sharing 7.4% of the vote. The third spot was occupied by three such as Rudy Gobert of the Wolves, Jimmy Butler of Miami and most recently Jaren Jackson Jr. of the Grizzlies, the best defender of the 2022/23 NBA season, all tied at 5.4% of the vote share.

The polls also explored other topics such as this year’s league MVP, which has been a controversial topic throughout the season, as most players believe Nikola Jokic does not deserve the award for a third consecutive time, regardless of his statistics. keep them on top.

The league believes Sixers star Joel Embiid is the most deserving player to win this season’s MVP, according to The Athletic’s latest poll. After 102 votes were received, 50% of them were in favor of the French big man, as the Nuggets center received only 25.5% from the ballot.

Michael Jordan chose the GOAT over Lakers superstar LeBron James

Another never-ending debate is who is the greatest NBA athlete of all time, as many believe it to be between Chicago legend Michael Jordan and current Lakers LeBron James. After receiving 100 votes from current players in the league, the Bulls icon received 58% of them.

Watch the following video that shows why the six-time NBA champion is considered the best of the best:

James, 38, received 33% of the vote, becoming the clear runner-up for the highest accolade a basketball player can receive. Even though LeBron has already been at the top of the game for 20 consecutive seasons, the fact that Jordan has more championships than him is one of the biggest explanations that makes his case as the GOAT.

The question is, do you think a ring will top LeBron this year? The Lakers are currently on a playoff series win against the Memphis Grizzlies in the West, and they prepare for Game 2 next Wednesday night.

Other players who were voted as GOAT candidates were Kobe Bryant with 8.8%, and Bill Russell and Tracy McGrady both with 1%.

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