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China planning to close airspace for some time, Taiwan said- National

China plans to close airspace in the north Taiwan Officials in Taiwan and South Korea said next week for about half an hour, down from the originally announced three days due to an object falling from a satellite launch vehicle.


When asked about an earlier Reuters report on the closure of the airspace, Yan Yu-hsien, deputy chief of the General Staff of the Intelligence Department of Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, said the “no-fly zone” was the country’s air defense identification zone. (ADIZ). , about 85 nautical miles north of its shores.

ADIZ is a section of international airspace that countries can arbitrarily define as surveillance.

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Canadian lawmaker arrives in Taiwan in latest show of Western support after Tsai’s US trip

With no details initially given about the duration of the closure, the reports raised concerns in a region with high tensions between China and Taiwan.

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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said he was not aware of the situation.

Japan said on Wednesday that China had informed it about a no-fly zone near Taiwan from April 16-18, saying it was related to aerospace activities. Taiwan’s Ministry of Transport later said that the duration of the zone had been revised to 27 minutes on Sunday after China protested.

Click to play video: 'Delegation from Canada visits Taiwan as China ends war games'

Delegation from Canada visits Taiwan after end of China maneuvers

South Korea’s Ministry of Transport said the shutdown was related to an object falling from a satellite launch vehicle.

When China imposed such restrictions during military exercises last August, there were significant disruptions to flights in the region, with some planes needing to carry extra fuel, according to aviation industry cooperative OPSGROUP.

Japanese officials said that no major flights to or from Japan were canceled during those exercises.

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Earlier on Wednesday, China said President Tsai Ing-wen was pushing Taiwan into a “stormy sea” after meeting with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in California.

Tsai said the foreign trip, which included a meeting with McCarthy in the US and stops in Guatemala and Belize, showed the world Taiwan’s determination to defend freedom and democracy.

The visit infuriated Beijing, days after military exercises designed to show it could retake control of the self-ruled island, which China claims as its own.

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China views Tsai as a separatist and has rejected her repeated calls for talks. Tsai says she wants peace but that her government will defend Taiwan if attacked.

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“Tsai Ing-wen brought a threat to Taiwan. Tsai Ing-wen almost completely sided with the United States, pushing Taiwan into stormy seas, Zhu Fenglian, a spokesman for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO), said on Wednesday.

Zhu said the exercises around Taiwan were “a solemn warning against the collusion and provocation of Taiwan independence separatist forces and external forces.”

Click to play video: 'China's military exercise after Tsai's US visit encircles Taiwan as 'stern warning''

China’s military drills after Tsai’s US visit ring Taiwan as ‘stern warning’

Tsai, who returned to Taiwan a day before the start of the exercise, said the visit had succeeded in garnering support against an aggressor who threatened the island’s independence.

“Through this visit, we again sent a message to the international community that Taiwan is determined to defend freedom and democracy, which is recognized by our democratic partners,” Tsai said during a meeting with Canadian lawmakers at her office in Taipei. And got support.”

“It is even more important for democracies to actively unite in the face of continued authoritarian expansionism,” he said. “Canada is a very important democratic partner. We stand ready to do our best to jointly defend the values ​​of freedom and democracy with Canada and many other like-minded international partners.

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Despite tensions with China, Tsai greeted 10 Canadian legislators, even cracking a joke.

Beijing has continued military activities around Taiwan, despite announcing the three days of exercises had ended on Monday.

The ministry said earlier on Wednesday that it had detected 35 Chinese military aircraft and eight navy ships around Taiwan in the past 24 hours.

According to a map provided by the ministry, 14 of those planes had crossed the center line of the Taiwan Strait; The line generally serves as an informal barrier between the two sides.

Aircraft crossing the center line included five Su-30 fighters at its northern end, while other aircraft crossed at points in the center and south.

Although Chinese fighters previously only occasionally crossed the middle line, the country’s air force has done so regularly since then-US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei near Taiwan in August.

China says it does not recognize the existence of the line.

Taiwan’s government rejects China’s claims of sovereignty and says that only the people of Taiwan can decide their future.

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