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China seeks Germany’s support for ‘peaceful’ conquest of Taiwan

A senior Chinese diplomat has demanded that Germany support a “peaceful” conquest of neighboring Taiwan.

Wang Yi, head of the Foreign Affairs Commission Office of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, has demanded that Germany support efforts to peacefully conquer Taiwan, several Chinese and German media outlets have reported.

It comes as Western European nations weaken their support for the island nation, with Emmanuel Macron coming out openly last week to say the EU should reduce its dependence Stay away from any future confrontation with China over America and Taiwan.

As an attempt to capitalize on this sentiment, Wang has now told a German delegation visiting Beijing, headed by Foreign Minister Annalena Bierbock, that they should drop any support for Taiwan independence, and instead eventually : Should support China’s efforts to regain control. Long independent territory.

“To maintain stability in the Taiwan Strait, it is necessary to resolutely oppose separatist activities related to ‘Taiwan independence’,” Reuters reports Wang said with the Chinese state-run newspaper Global Times Stating that the diplomat compared such support to Chinese support for the post-Cold War reunification of Germany.

The demand for such an inquiry comes at a time of European soul-searching over the issue of Taiwan, with a growing number of EU officials pushing for a much more cynical approach to the issue.

The charge was led by French President Emmanuel Macron, who openly expressed concern that European involvement in any future conflict over Taiwan would only risk the continent becoming “Americanized”.vassal,

“Being an ally doesn’t mean being a vassal… It doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to think for ourselves,” he said, urging the mainland to stay out of any Taiwan quagmire, as it Still unable. To resolve the already ongoing war in Ukraine.

The sentiment provoked indignation among more Atlanticist-minded politicians in Europe and the US, some of whom accused the French President of “…feeling betrayed”Democratic nation.

This notion was pushed back by the German Foreign Minister, who said in Beijing: “A military escalation in the Taiwan Strait, through which 50 percent of world trade passes daily, would be a horror for the whole world.”

“The shock wave of such a world economic crisis will also affect China and Germany as special trading nations. That’s why we are watching the rising tensions in the Taiwan Strait with great concern.” ExplainedAdding: “A unilateral and violent change of the status quo would not be acceptable to us as Europeans.”

Macron’s words appeared to coincide with those of some senior politicians in Germany, however, with Rolf Mutzenich, the parliamentary leader of the ruling Social Democratic Party, telling the French head of state “in fact”.Correct” to the point.

A section of the party is now pushing for Germany to take a more “pragmatic” approach to China as the communist nation belongs to them largest trading partner The second largest in terms of exports, and second only to the US for imports.

Others in Europe have expressed serious concern in recent years about how close Germany is getting to China, with politicians in Lithuania claim of That German companies with the support of Taiwan put pressure on the country.

,[L]We are not naïve – multinationals lobbying for China’s interests within their governments are effectively reducing the capabilities of collective defense and the possibilities of undermining Beijing’s pressure in the future, ”Lithuanian MP Dovil Shakalienė previously said. Speaking to Breitbart London had said about the issue.

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