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Final Fantasy 16 State of Play Had an FF14 Easter Egg

final fantasy 14 Players who recently tuned in to play for position final fantasy 16 An easter egg from the critically acclaimed MMORPG Spotted. players who final fantasy 16 The broadcast could not help but smile.

Playstation recently held a dedicated to the state of play final fantasy 16, the upcoming action installment of the famous fantasy franchise. The broadcast introduced 25 minutes of gameplay, and showed new details, features, and battle footage.

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However, familiar players final fantasy 14 Noticed a curious detail during the State of Play broadcast. Naoki Yoshida, director and producer of both final fantasy 14 And 16, were the presenters who spoke during the State of Play. Although he appeared only briefly in the before and after footage, Yoshida was seen wearing the Unbreakable Bonds necklace, which features a broken House Fortemps shield, which would be instantly recognizable to anyone in the scene. to heaven expand in final fantasy 14,

ffxiv ffxvi yoshi-p unbreakable bonds state of play

The shield was operated by the Haurchefant Greystone, which most popular characters in final fantasy 14, Beloved by players around the world, Horchefant is a heroic knight who has put smiles on faces since he first appeared a realm reborn, Idea to heaven The extension is included in the free trial, new final fantasy 14 Players can see why players love Horchefant so much to own it without spending a dime.

Unfortunately, the Unbreakable Bonds necklace was a limited-time collectible item only available at the Japanese Square Enix store. The necklace retailed for around $220, but it sold out almost immediately. It was consistently out of stock, and has since been removed from the official store. That said, it’s no surprise that Yoshida got his hands on one himself.

Yoshida is very fond of this particular piece of jewelry. She wore the same necklace at The Game Awards, during the last State of Play broadcast, and almost every Live letter from the Creator for final fantasy 14, Yoshida is renowned for his impressive collection of rings, but it’s clear that Horchefant and his necklace have a special place in his heart.

As director and producer of both games, final fantasy 16 going to take some inspiration from final fantasy 14, Given Valystheia’s grim fantasy setting, themes found in to heaven will be similar to those found in final fantasy 16, many players expect Yoshida will do a crossover event between the two of them final Fantasy Play Once final fantasy 16 Gets closer to launch.

final fantasy 16 Launches June 22 for PS5.

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Source: youtube/playstation

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