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Fox News will not apologize on air for false election claims under $787m dominion settlement

Hours before trial is set to begin in Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation lawsuit against Fox News over its 2020 election coverage, the network has reached a $787m settlement to avoid further legal action.

A source with knowledge of the settlement told Fox that despite the settlement, there would be no retraction or on-air apology. Independent,

The network acknowledged in a statement that a Delaware court found “certain claims about Dominion to be false,” but considered its prominent role in airing election conspiracy theories to viewers regardless of the record. Top figures at Fox revealed in suits suggesting knew such claims were false,

After the settlement, the network devoted some time to covering the Dominion case and Fox’s role in it.

“The idea that the Dominion Voting Machines, the case former President Trump and his allies made on Fox and elsewhere, were somehow stealing votes from Donald Trump and flipping them to Joe Biden is patently false. . They were conspiracy theories,” said Fox Media analyst Howard Kurtz. Said In a segment on Tuesday.

“The case revolved around whether Fox exercised due diligence, whether it was negligent, whether it was simply reporting, as the network contends, an extremely inaccurate argument argued by then-President of the United States on a new case.”

(in February, Mr. Kurtz SaidWhen it came to the Dominion case, the network “decided that as part of the organization being sued, I can’t talk about it or write about it,” he said, adding that he disagreed. .)

Outside Fox News, the agreement drew harsh condemnation of the conservative broadcaster.

Dominion’s attorney Justin Nelson said, “Today’s settlement … represents integrity and accountability.” told reporters Outside the courthouse in Wilmington, Delaware, where the defamation trial was to take place. “Lies have consequences. Truth does not know red or blue.

“Money is accountability, and we got that from Fox today,” said Dominion attorney Stephen Shackelford. “But we’re not done yet, we have other people who have some accountability coming.”

Meanwhile on CNN anchor Jake Tapper is Said Tuesday when he announced the news that the settlement was “what can only be described as one of the ugliest and most embarrassing moments in the history of journalism.”

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