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Funny Overwatch 2 Moment Sees Team Saved By Enemy Lifeweaver

One overwatch 2 The player shared a funny clip where his team is saved by the enemy Lifeweaver. After much anticipation, overwatch 2 This month welcomed the 37th hero of the game. Lifeweaver has charm, looks and abilities that are causing a stir among players of Blizzard’s shooter.

overwatch 2 season 4 introduced New Support Lifeweaver, a scientist from Thailand who created the BioLite technology. By combining the beauty of nature with the practicality of nature, Lifeweaver dreams of making the world a better place. The new hero has been one of the most discussed topics overwatch 2 Season 4 because of his skills. The Lifeweaver has abilities with great playability, and the result has been many interesting situations for allies and foes alike.

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Reddit user LordGear is another player who has noticed How Lifeweaver Can Ruin An Ultimate, The user shared a clip of a match where he is playing Sigma and helping his team escort a payload. The opposing Lifeweaver uses the Petal Platform to suspend Reinhardt from his team, and Rein begins to attack. Sigma also continues to attack and propel the payload, and the impossible happens: Reinhardt launches his final, powerful Earthshatter to kill the enemy. Lifeweaver then removes the tank from the middle of the confrontation using the Life Grip, leaving Reinhardt with no adversaries.

Whereas Lifeweaver can actually save its alliesLord George’s clip gets over 8,000 upvotes overwatch 2 subreddit, with nearly 1,000 comments about this hilarious and depressing moment. One user commented that they would have liked to have seen Reinhardt’s response, which certainly would not have been friendly after a final refusal from a colleague. Another comment suggested that the Life Grip be adjusted, sharing an idea that was seconded by other users. The Redditor suggests adding a “reaction time”, which would give the player drawn by Lifeweaver a chance to salvage the ability.

Lifeweaver has many interesting interactions overwatch 2, which makes support a “god of mobility” for both saving allies and initiating plays. Lord Geor’s clip, however, shows a moment of Lifeweaver who tried to help Reinhardt and got in the way or was intentionally trolling. As overwatch 2 With Season 4 moving forward, it is expected that players will be more familiar with Lifeweaver abilities. Players can only wait to see if Blizzard will make any adjustments to Lifeweaver to reduce the likelihood of “troll moves”.

overwatch 2 Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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