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How I tricked my MS brain into giving me a little more

Back in the day – way back – I moonlighted a little bit from my day job at the US Coast Guard. (It was an office position at the district commander’s headquarters.)

On the weekends, I hosted a Saturday night program on WBOQ—the Boston area’s No. 1 classical radio station at the time—pronounced “W-Bach.” I was young (enough) that throwing in eight hour night shifts on my weekends while still working all week didn’t faze me — a lot.

My stint behind the microphone, spinning classical favorites for the third-shift crowd, came to mind because recently I needed to call on one of those old tricks I own to get ready for those long Saturday nights. But used to play

As someone who travels all week and works full time, I needed some rest over the weekend. But like someone in my early twenties living in a house on the beach on the North Shore during the 1980s, I rarely got a weekend “relax”.

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