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PEPE Soars to $70 Million in Volume in 24 Hours, Ready for Exchange Listing

Guadalajara, Mexico–(Newsfile Corp. – April 18, 2023) – pepe ($PEPE), a new crypto meme coin, has taken the crypto world by storm with its recent volume increase, climbing over $70 million in just 24 hours. The $PEPE team has been working tirelessly to make their mark on the market, and now they are getting ready for an exchange listing.

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PEPE redefines the memecoin space

What sets $PEPE apart from other coins is its commitment to the community. Launched stealthily with no pre-sales, zero taxes, LP burn, and contract abandonment, $PEPE is forever a coin for the masses. The tokens behind $PEPE are also unique. With a token supply of 420,690,000,000,000, 93.1% of the tokens were sent to the Liquidity Pool, LP tokens were burned, and the contract was abandoned. The remaining 6.9% of the supply is being held in a multi-sig team wallet, which can be used as a token for centralized exchange listings, bridges, and liquidity pools in the future. This wallet is easily traceable to the ENS name “pepecexwallet.eth”.

Future Plans for PEPE

The $PEPE team has big plans for the future, and they’re not shy about sharing them. $PEPE’s roadmap consists of three phases: Meme, Vibe & HODL, and Generational Wealth.

  • The first phase focuses on establishing $PEPE as a top meme coin by listing on CoinMarketCap, CoinGekco, etc. with over 1,000 holders, and getting $PEPE trending on Twitter with its meme power. Is.

  • The second phase is about building a strong community that can support the coin through the good and the bad. This will include community involvement, the Pepe Times digital newsletter, the formation of a token gated discord group, a Pepe Palace for holders, and a CEX listing.

  • The final phase is where $PEPE really starts to shine, with plans to create generational wealth for its holders. The final phase will include Pepe-themed merchandise, % of $Pepe Buy & Burn revenue, Pepe Academy, Pepe Tools, T1 Exchange listing and 100,000+ holders.

The volume boom is just the beginning, and the team is excited to see where this momentum takes them. With a dedicated community behind them and a strong commitment to transparency, the $PEPE team is confident that they have what it takes to make $PEPE a major player in the crypto world.

last word

The $PEPE team is also committed to giving back to the community. They believe that crypto can be a force for good in the world, and they are excited to be a part of that movement.

With its unique token economics, commitment to the community and ambitious roadmap, $PEPE aims to become one of the top meme coins on the market.

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