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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Complete Guide and Walkthrough

  • getting started in pokemon scarlet and violet


    After following the same old script for more than a quarter century, pokemon scarlet and violet Tear up the rulebook, throwing players into a brand new open world filled with never-before-seen mechanics. While some of these mechanics are explained in great detail, others are left up to the players to figure out for themselves.

    However, in some instances, this is much easier said than done, with many players resorting to Google to get the answers they need. This part of the guide will try to make life easier for players with the selection how-to guideinitial tips and tricksand some more answers Frequently Asked Questions About this pokemon scarlet and violet,

    • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Main Story Guides and Walkthroughs


    unlike the previous pokemon sports in which would-be coaches were forced to follow a certain path, pokemon scarlet and violet Give players the freedom to create their own adventure, with three different storylines converging on one final main mission. This freedom from linearity really makes a huge difference to the overall experience and helps make the games feel truly unique.

    Not only can players choose in which order they deal Vijay Road, path of legendsAnd starfall streetbut they will also be free to choose the order in which they visit each gymtake every down Titanand infiltrate all team star base, This section of the guide will provide walkthrough for all eighteen badgesAs well as details about the final end-game missions.

    • Vijay Road

      • pokemon-scarlet-violet-banner-victory-road

    • path of legends

      • pokemon-scarlet-violet-banner-path-of-legends

    • starfall street

      • pokemon-scarlet-violet-banner-starfall-street

    • way home

      • pokemon-scarlet-the-way-home-banner

  • pokemon location


    With 400 Pokémon in the Paldia Pokedex alone, those hoping to catch them all and be the best are really going to have their work cut out for them. Granted, it’s not quite as much as some of the earlier pokemon game, but it’s still a huge step up from 242 Pokémon pokemon legends: arcusWith more surely to follow via future DLC.

    Are players looking forward to tracking all of the newly introduced paladian pokemonSearching for new developmentsor looking for the most powerful legendary and legendary pokemon In pokemon scarlet and violet, this section of the guide is the place to be. There will be both individual and collectible Pokémon guides, which will explain how to catch and evolve some of the game’s best Pokémon.

    • Legendary and Paradox Pokemon

  • item guide

    An assortment of new evolution items introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

    has many different item types pokemon scarlet and violetEach of which serves an important function both inside and outside of combat. consumables Whereas, the coach can help keep the team fit and healthy item held Might give your Pokémon a little extra juice when up against a tricky opponent. are again development itemwhich can be used to transform a Pokémon into its most powerful form.

    With the right items, players can make life a lot easier for themselves, especially when it comes to the late and end-game content of some games. This section of the guide will focus solely on the best items pokemon scarlet and violet and where players can find them. This is also where players can come to learn about some of the best games TMS and the location of each Chancy Supply And dailybird presents gather.

    • Store Locations and Miscellaneous Items

  • Tera Raid Events


    Plus lots of post-game content available pokemon scarlet and violet, who have completed the main story can also participate in a series of special Tera raids. These limited-time events offer players the chance to battle and capture rare and powerful Pokémon, as well as get their hands on a variety of special items that can be used to strengthen their teams.

    Although each Raid Pokémon’s Tera type usually determines the best counters, there are some Pokémon that are incredibly well suited to six- and seven-star raids. This part of the guide will feature build guides for some best raid counter as well as information about some Last Tera Raid Events (Upcoming and ongoing raid guides can be found at the top of the page under the heading “Ongoing Events”).

    • Previous Tera Raid Event

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