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Ralph Yarl shooting: Good Samaritan who saved teen reveals moments after shooting

ralph yarl He was shot twice after ringing the wrong doorbell and lying in a pool of blood calling for help, according to one good Samaritan Who came to help the boy.

James Lynch, 42, who lives on Northeast 115th Street in Clay County, Kansas CitySaid NBC news that he was alerted by loud screams Last Thursday night around 10pm – something unusual for the quiet suburban neighborhood.

“I thought he was dead,” Mr Lynch said of the moment he first saw Ralph, a 16-year-old black boy.

Lynch said, “Nobody deserves to be laying there like that.” “She hasn’t even started living her life yet. He didn’t deserve to be shot.

Mr. Lynch had just stepped out of the shower when he heard someone yell “Help, help, I’ve been shot!” And first saw him banging on the door of a nearby house.

He said he immediately ran outside and across the street to another neighbor’s driveway.

They said the teenager was lying in a pool of blood and initially it appeared that he had been shot in the head near the eye socket.

“I’ll hold your hand very tightly,” Mr. Lynch said to the teen.

He said he remembered his Eagle Scout training and checked his wrist for a pulse as he tried to keep the conversation going by asking Ralph his name and where he studied.

Unable to pronounce his name, Ralph utters it as another neighbor arrives with towels to stop the bleeding.

Mr. Lynch and another neighbor waited with Ralph until the paramedics arrived,

Lynch said, “I did nothing but hold a kid’s hand so he wouldn’t feel alone.”

“He had just shot twice; He had a hole on one side of his head.”

“That kid’s tougher than me,” he quipped, adding that he doesn’t consider himself a hero.

Ralph, an honors student and all-state band member, was reportedly shot in the head and arm. an 85-year-old white man named Andrew De Lester when he rang the wrong door while looking for his two younger brothers.

The teen is recuperating at home after being discharged from the hospital.

The probable cause statement said that Ralph had gone to “several” houses to ask for help before finding someone who would call the police.

Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves said that she “Doing[es] Identify the racial components of the caseAnd Zachary Thompson, the prosecuting attorney, also told a news conference that there was a “racial component” to the shooting.

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