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Russia Ukraine war latest: Zelensky adviser joins foreign memes after mysterious flash of light seen over Kiev

Putin visits Russian troops in Ukraine’s Kherson and Luhansk regions

a bright flash of light appeared Kyiv Last night has sparked a flurry of speculation online RussiaSatellite, ufo And also blamed the aliens.

A video of the incident, taken around 10 pm, shows a sudden flash of light in a residential area, while another clip shows a burning object falling on the ground.

Presidential advisor Andrey Yermak shared a UFO emoji on Twitter without any context. The comments below the tweet featured memes and cartoons of aliens and UFOs.

Kiev blames Flash for the crash NASA satellite, but the US space agency has denied involvement and said there was some confusion over an earlier announcement about bringing a retired satellite out of orbit.

On the battle front, intelligence estimates suggest Russia controls about 87.9 percent of Bakhmut as fighting continues for the mining town with little strategic value.

And a Ukrainian military spokesman said the Russian allegation that it had blown up four civilian buildings in Bakhmut was a “provocation”.


Mysterious flashes of light over Kiev spark rumors of aliens, UFOs

Speculation has been rife in Ukraine after a mysterious flash of light was spotted in the war-torn country’s night sky, sparking UFO and aliens gossip on social media.

Early footage showed the sky suddenly lit up with a bright light, while another clip showed a burning object falling to the ground.

Shortly after, people shared several memes on social media about aliens and unidentified flying objects.

The military administration of the city of Kiev said based on preliminary information that it was a crashed NASA satellite.

The Ukrainian Air Force, which has been responsible for shooting down missiles and drones fired by Russia, said a satellite or meteorite may have been responsible.

“Please don’t use official Air Force symbols to create memes for the enemy to enjoy!” It said in a message.

Minutes earlier, presidential adviser Andrey Yermak posted an emoji of a UFO.

However, NASA denied reports of a satellite crashing and said there appeared to be some confusion over an earlier announcement the agency made about bringing a retired satellite out of orbit in the early hours of yesterday morning Kyiv time.

Arpan Rai20 April 2023 04:39


Video showing murky glimmer of light circulating on Kiev flood social media

People in Ukraine and beyond took to social media to share and discuss video of a mysterious beam of light seen above the sky over Kiev last night.

The incident has sparked curiosity in a city that has become accustomed to looking skyward in fear of a more obvious threat – Russian missile strikes.

Locals said authorities were forced to issue an air raid warning to Kiev for the first time since the incident yesterday.

“Something happened tonight in the Kiev sky. The whole city is in shock, what was it. UFO” said Ukraine’s ambassador to Austria.

“Update: NASA says its satellite is not there. It looks like a meteorite fell over Kiev last night,” Ukraine-based journalist Christopher Miller said today.

Arpan Rai20 April 2023 06:29


Russia’s Bolshoi Ballet fires ‘Nureyev’ after LGBT propaganda law

Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater has pulled a contemporary ballet about legendary Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev from its repertoire following an extension of a ban on “LGBT propaganda”.

A law passed in November not only extended the existing ban on content promoting the LGBT lifestyle but also prohibited the “display” of LGBT behavior.

This makes any depiction of homosexuality – such as Nureyev’s relationship with men following his defection from the Soviet Union in 1961, which the ballet touches upon – virtually impossible.

The ballet, choreographed by Kirill Serebrennikov, has a troubled history in Russia, where President Vladimir Putin has long promoted conservative values ​​as part of a nationalist agenda backed by the Russian Orthodox Church.


It premiered in December 2017, with the then culture minister reportedly calling it gay propaganda, and has not been performed since 2018. Demonstrations scheduled for 2022 were abruptly canceled after Serebrennikov publicly blamed Russia for the conflict in Ukraine.

“‘Nureyev’ was removed from the repertoire in connection with the law … where issues relating to the promotion of ‘non-traditional values’ are clearly stated,” the Bolshoi’s general director Vladimir Urin said at a news conference. were determined.” Wednesday.

Emily Atkinson20 April 2023 06:00


US is sending another $325 million in military aid to Ukraine

The United States is sending some $325 million in additional military aid to Ukraine, including large quantities of artillery and ammunition, as the spring offensive against Russian forces nears the start, the Pentagon said yesterday.

The US has declined to say how much ammunition will be sent to Ukraine, but the latest package resembles other recent deliveries, including High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS, and howitzers as well as other missiles. Contains an array. and anti-tank ammunition.

It would all be pulled from the Pentagon’s stocks so it could quickly go to the front lines.

Read the whole story here:

Arpan Rai20 April 2023 05:51


Mozart’s Requiem to raise money for ‘wonderful’ work of charity in Ukraine

hosted by a former opera singer Mozart Funds are needed to be raised for a charity which gives medical professionals the skills to work in hostile environments after being inspired by the work of its “amazing” founder.

Fiona MacDonald, a trustee of the Wilfred Owen Association and founder of the military charity Bravehound, along with members of MacOpera – a group of musicians from the Scottish Opera Orchestra – will conduct a requiem at Glasgow Cathedral on 30 April at 6pm, raising funds . Towards the work of the David Knott Foundation ukraine,

Emily Atkinson20 April 2023 05:00


Russia controls about 88% of Bakhmut – intelligence assessment

Intelligence estimates suggest Russia controls about 87.9 percent of Bakhmut as the battle continues for the mining town with little strategic value.

It comes as the Ukrainian General Staff said heavy fighting was ongoing inside Bakhmut, with Ukrainian forces repelling Russian ground attacks southwest of the town of Stupochki.

In the past day, Ukrainian and Russian troops participated in 34 combat clashes in Bakhmut, said Colonel Serhiy Cherevaty, spokesman for Ukraine’s eastern forces.

While Russian millbloggers have claimed that the Wagner group is making significant progress in urban battle points, US-based think-tanks point out that ground progress is not 90 percent as claimed by Yan Gagin, an adviser to the Donetsk People’s Republic.

It is likely that the Russian military is using FAB air-dropped bombs to destroy Ukrainian fortified areas in Bakhmut, as claimed by a Russian millblogger.

The Battle of Bakhmut – now lasting nearly nine months – is the longest and bloodiest battle in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, known as the “Meat Grinder”, with heavy casualties on both sides.

Arpan Rai20 April 2023 04:24


In pictures: Zelensky visits troops in northwestern Ukraine




Emily Atkinson20 April 2023 04:00


Zelensky will address Mexico’s Congress today

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is set to virtually address Mexico’s Congress today, two people familiar with the matter said.

Sources said the speech is scheduled to take place around noon today.

Mr Zelensky has continued his outreach efforts with allies seeking arms support as it battles Russian aggression.

According to sources, he will address the lower house of the Congress at the invitation of the Congressional Friendship Group between Mexico and Ukraine. There are other similar groups in the Mexican Congress, including one for Russia.

Mexico’s government has said it takes a neutral position on the war, even as some supporters of Ukraine have criticized the country’s leftist President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for raising the issue of European arms shipments to Kiev.

However, Mexico has voted with the United States and other Western powers on many major UN resolutions.

Arpan Rai20 April 2023 03:54


EU still biggest importer of Russian oil due to sanctions loophole, claims report

The European Union is still the biggest importer of oil products from Russia among countries that have imposed some of the toughest sanctions on Moscow since its invasion of Ukraine, new data has shown.

This is because the EU has imported oil indirectly from countries that have become the main buyers of energy from Moscow and are easing their own sanctions.

In its new report, the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) identified five “laundromat” countries exporting Russian crude oil to the European Union.

Emily Atkinson20 April 2023 03:00


WATCH: Danish journalists approached by Russian spy vessel in North Sea

Danish journalists approached by Russian spy vessel in the North Sea

Emily Atkinson20 April 2023 02:00

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