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shocking! A 5 year old girl spends Rs. Rs 2.47 lakh on Amazon from mother’s phone; Do not do this

In a world where people keep their money accessible online, the need to protect their accounts is greater. The threat may not come from a hacker or an online scam, but carelessness can still result in you losing your money. A mother in America learned this the hard way when she spent around Rs. Lost it. 2.47 Lakh ($3180) due to a careless and innocent mistake by his 5 year old daughter. The girl accidentally spent all that money on an Amazon order.

according to a reports Per ABC7, the incident occurred on Tuesday, April 4 in Massachusetts. Jessica Nunes gave her daughter Leila Varisco her smartphone while driving car on the way back home. Nunes believed this would calm her daughter and make the journey peaceful. Little did she know that this one small step could pay a huge price for her.

The girl spends Rs. 2.47 Lakh on Amazon by accident

Nunes underestimated her daughter’s instincts online shopping Because after getting the smartphone, Leela directly opened the Amazon app and started searching for her favorite item. She ordered 10 pairs of cowgirl boots, a child-size toy jeep, five child-size pink motorcycles, and five child-size blue motorcycles. And after adding them all to the cart, she happily pressed ‘Buy Now’.

Unfortunately for Nunes, her online account information was stored on the app for easy transactions and Betty had no trouble verifying the order. The total bill was $3180 (approx Rs 2.47 lakh).

It came as a shock to Nunes when she later learned what her daughter had done. “I go to my Amazon order history and found that I, or someone else, had ordered 10 motorcycles, a Jeep, and 10 pairs of cowgirl women’s size boots,” she told NBC 10 News.

Luckily, she was able to cancel the order for the pink motorcycles and cowgirl boots. But she could not cancel the order for the jeep and the blue motorcycles as they had already been shipped. It is unclear whether she will be able to return the item after delivery.

However, she decides not to punish her daughter and instead turns it into a life-lesson. “I told her that maybe if she does things right, she behaves and she does a few chores around the house that we can get her a bike that’s more geared for her age range. A little slower, maybe.” It is,” Nunes said.

It’s important to note that if you have a smartphone that multiple family members have access to, either lock any apps that contain your financial information or don’t add your financial information to those apps.

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