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Taiwan is not ready for China’s invasion

A purported assessment of Pentagon experts exposed by what officials believe has been leaked by a young National Guard reservist who claims the US military is struggling to monitor Chinese military activity around Taiwan because Beijing is using “civilian” ferries for military purposes. Washington Post Reported end of this week.

detailed in the documents Washington Post reports Saturday offered a US military perspective on Taiwan’s ability to defend itself from a possible Chinese invasion as well as America’s ability to assist in the island’s defense.

The reported assessment warned that Taiwan is not prepared to fight the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) alone and suffers from weaknesses such as poor missile warning systems, radio communications that allow troops to avoid hitting the same target twice. does not, and an aircraft fleet that is only about half operational.

Taiwan is a sovereign, democratic state in the South China Sea that seeks friendly relations with the United States. However, the US does not recognize its sovereignty, as doing so would abruptly end diplomatic relations with Communist China, the top geopolitical threat to both countries. China falsely claims Taiwan is a breakaway “province” and dismisses its elected government as a “separatist” organization, regularly threatening to invade and colonize the country.

China claims the entirety of the South China Sea, including territory generally belonging to the states of Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia, in addition to Taiwan.

Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague announced China claims falsely in a 2016 ruling that Beijing is still ignoring today, with no clear consequences.

United States Navy regular Sends Its ships through the disputed area for “freedom of navigation operations” (FONOPs) are meant to maintain open water status.

The latest such FONOP happened on Sunday:

Washington Post Taiwan did not publish the documents but described its assessment of Taiwan’s defense forces as grim.

“The assessment states that Taiwanese officials doubt their air defenses can ‘accurately detect missile launches’, that more than half of Taiwan’s aircraft are fully mission capable,” the newspaper recounted, “and Getting the jets to shelters would take at least a week — a big problem if China launched missiles before Taiwan had a chance to disperse those planes.

“One assessment,” the report continued, “notes that the modernization of the PLA, its increased operational speed and the use of civilian ferries in exercises in the Eastern Theater Command near Taiwan have increased the US intelligence community’s ability to detect unusual activity and preparedness.” Is ‘eroding’ Ko. For ‘attacking Taiwan’.

China has long disguised spy or military vessels as “fishing” or other civilian vessels in the South China Sea.

In 2017, Professor Andrew Erickson of the US Naval War College estimated China has thousands of ships and personnel in what it has described as its “cowardly” navy. Chinese vessels, many of which do not appear to be directly government-related, sometimes attack genuine civilian vessels operating in their own domestic waters, which China falsely claims is the case. vietnam is near suffered A particularly large number of these events.

Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan react In the report on Sunday claiming that this was completely untrue to join At least seven other countries deny the content or validity of the “leaked” documents. Ukraine, Russia, South Korea, Serbia, the United Kingdom, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have denied the claims made in the documents over the past week; South Korea and Ukraine have called the documents “fake” or “forgery”.

before the Washington Post The Ministry of Defense published a response saying that it “respects outside opinion about its military preparedness,” but believes its troops are “absolutely capable, determined and confident” against any possible Chinese aggression. ” Are.

An anonymous alleged “Chinese official,” in turn, told Post China has “the ability to swiftly defeat Taiwan in the air and at sea – that is not in question.”

Taiwan’s assessments are the latest in a series of information that Post And new York Times as part of its coverage of an alleged leak of documents that allegedly began in a video game chat room on the platform Discord. fbi agent Arrested Massachusetts Air National Guard Reservist Jack Teixeira, 21, in connection with the alleged leak.

Reported by, including Washington Post, indicates that Teixeira shared hundreds of such documents online in an attempt to influence video game chat room friends, and that the documents circulated on multiple online platforms for weeks before the US government took notice. Officials have not clarified how Teixeira obtained the documents or if at press time he was acting alone; The investigation is on.

In addition to today’s report from Taiwan, the disputed document reportedly Involved Sensitive information regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine Involved There were bleak reports warning Ukraine’s military efforts were not successfully deterring Russia’s attacks – and documents show Washington was spying on government officials in states and agencies that were friendly to the US and even are associated with America, most prominently South Korea and the United Nations.

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