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This Surprisingly Good Vampire Survivors Clone Is Somehow Based On Nicolas Cage’s Renfield

We really need to sit down and vote for the sub-genre that Vampire Survivors created – maybe not created, but definitely refined and brought into the mainstream as one of the best games of the past few years Went. I’m a fan of auto-bullet hell myself, but there’s a compelling case to be made for giving it the Metroidvania treatment and robbing it of the game’s title. Whatever it is, pinning down a game like this is insanely hot and white-hot right now, and clearly the people behind it nicolas cage movie renfield Saw the trend. Finally, they’ve commissioned a Vampire Survivors clone based on the film, and I’m both happy and surprised to report that it’s actually pretty cool.

Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood (opens in new tab) There’s an auto-bullet hell game – I’m rolling with that label right now – where you shoot down a screen of friends using weapons and abilities, which are unlocked by collecting XP dropped by said friends. Are. Each level up is a little drafting decision between three random choices. I might wonder whether I want to upgrade my bat laser, increase my critical hit chance, or add a rat cannon to my automatic arsenal. You also earn gold that you can spend on permanent upgrades to bring to you in future runs, including unlockable weapons and characters.

Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood

(Image credit: Skybound Games)

Renfield’s Bones: Aren’t BYOB Like The vampires survived. origin of the game Is Vampire Survivors, weapon for weapon at times. It has a different – and honestly pretty cool – aesthetic and setting, but it’s mostly the same under the hood. This raises some important questions. First of all, what makes this different from Vampire Survivors?

A better question might be: should you play this game after Vampire Survivors?

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