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Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner Dating Rumors Can’t Be Real

kardashian Gave pop culture one of the most puzzling (and weirdly endearing) celebrity couples in recent memory Now-Ex Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Last year went public with their romance. Now some new dating rumours, one involving a Jenner and an Oscar-nominated actor, have put social media in full swing.

Last week, celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi posted an anonymous tip He Kylie Jenner And Timothée Chalamet we’re dating. also posted the page direct message “confirming” from online users that the two are indeed a couple. a person Claimed that they have known about their alleged romance “since January”.

Given the questionable nature of the source, social media was initially skeptical of the purported news, posting a bunch Of Jokes Regarding the alleged mismatch. However, yesterday when TMZ took a picture Jenner’s Range Rover parked call me by your nameK Star’s driveway. “Her car pulled off the road and went straight onto the curved driveway,” the article reads. “In other words, she knew where she was going.”

To say that the internet is not handling this piece of gossip well is an understatement. Chalamet’s fans are especially devastated that the stylish heartthrob would be romantically involved with a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Based on several tweets, it seems Chalamet and Jenner’s unequal status in Hollywood makes their alleged romance unfathomable and even false to many. Admittedly, it’s rare that an Oscar-winning, A-list actor associated with high-brow movies goes out with someone who is largely referred to as an influencer. However, both Chalamet and Jenner have made deep inroads into the fashion world, as seen in a revive clip The two chat at Paris Fashion Week in January.

The news is also a bit surprising considering the recap of Jenner’s breakup with rapper Travis Scott, with whom she had a son named Airey last year. In January, People Told that Jenner was not currently with the musician. However, sources claimed that this was “probably not the end” for the illustrious couple, given the nature of their “on-off” relationship.

there also Some Doubt Jenner’s alleged involvement with Chalamet online is a ploy to draw attention to the family’s fading relevance in pop culture. (As if not all celebrities crave attention!) To some, these rumors read more like an attempt to get people to watch their lifeless Hulu show. kardashian When Season 3 premieres next month.

To be fair, similar comments were made about Kardashian and Davidson when news of their surprising relationship started surfacing. In fact, whatever happens in the Kardashians’ chaotic lives, they relationship drama To Kim’s heist, is ultimately considered to be attention-grabbing. But isn’t it essentially their job as celebrities to stay relevant?

Whether Jenner and Chalamet are just friends or actual lovers, we’ll have to wait and see. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if we got a glimpse of the two at this weekend’s Coachella, where they’re both known to frequent. If this happens, Twitter will likely burst into flames.

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